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About Intelligentsia Risk Advisors

Today, business and operational decisions are held hostage to an array of socio-political, demographic, security and external challenges that can often act as ‘wild card’ for corporates. Evidently, these have deep rooted triggers manifesting over time. It is Intelligentsia’s endeavour to ‘humanize’ decision making - to take into account these often ‘overlooked’ ‘deep rooted impact triggers. With extensive source networks, expertise in field work and robust experience, our risk ethos helps us to assess, measure, manoeuvre and mitigate risks related to geo-political events, market entry, local operational issues and extraordinary risks.
Intelligentsia partners with clients to enable them to:

  • Identify business opportunities and growth territories in India and the subcontinent
  • Identify the risk triggers and escalators that can impact business operations
  • Manage and manoeuvre the business risks to ensure growth and sustainability
  • Monitor and implement growth strategies and social intervention programs

Our Services

Operational Risk Management

Enable companies to navigate the complex operational landscape in the Indian sub-continent through assessing and mitigating social, political, cultural, community and policy and market risks.

Security Risk Management

Identify and pre-empt the 'disruptive' security challengers arising out of socio-political and economic conditions. We enable clients to create a business sustainable plan and incident response.

Market Entry and Sustenance

Assess and mitigate risk and opportunities for entry and growth in specific sectors. Identify nuances of the real and practical conditions for growth

Investment Business Advisory

Bespoke service for PE and investment firms for identifying and mitigating risk triggers related to 'target company/sector' and peripheral political and social risks

Geo-political Business Advisory

Provide 'impactful' intelligence around geo-political, regional, local and conflict zone triggers to suppress business shocks and enable concrete action plan.

In The Spotlight

Our Co-Founder Shraddha Bhandari was invited to represent Intelligentsia Risk Advisors and speak as a special panel guest at the prestigious Harvard Program for Asian and International Relations Conference at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

She shared the dias with top policy makers, academicians and business community. Utilising Shraddha's core expertise on geopolitics, her panel topic was 'ASEAN in Crisis: The South China Sea Dispute' wherein she spoke about how economic inter-linkages and business interests have worked to temper the political and geo-political conflict triggers. Through the discussion, Shraddha put forth howregional supply chains, production networks and trade linkages are often overlooked while overestimating the threat of conflict escalation in the South China sea. A balanced assessment taking into account all factors – political, economic, cultural and nationalist is necessary to understand and prepare for the issues at hand.

Shraddha Bhandari, Co-Founder Intelligentsia Risk Advisors, made a presentation on 'Resource Conflicts': Understanding the Disruptive Implications, at the US embassy, New Delhi on 9 October, 2018.

The presentation was made as a part of the Overseas Security Advisory Council, part of the US Department of State and Bureau of Diplomatic Security. At the event, Shraddha drew out major economic and geopolitical implications of resource mismanagement and paucity that have the potential to result in conflicts and hamper sustainable and inclusive developmental goals of emerging economies.

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